Jake Buehler, a longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, having lived most of his 23 years in Oregon, Idaho, and extreme northern California, currently lives in Bend, Oregon. He spends essentially every weekend during the warmest three seasons out hiking on local trails (some more local than others), capturing his manic forays into the wilds with a simple point-and-shoot Sony CyberShot DSC-H55 camera; he hopes to graduate to a DSLR one of these days, once he procures enough capital to justify such a weighty purchase.

Most of his recent adventures have been in the Central Oregon Cascades and the High Desert around Bend and Redmond. However, Jake has also spent time exploring Washington’s idyllic Olympic Peninsula, the rain-ravaged Southern Oregon Coast, the giant redwood groves of California’s far northwestern Lost Coast, the remote mountain deserts of east-central Idaho, the granite peaks and vast valleys of northeastern Oregon, and the biodiversity hotspot that is California’s central coastline.

Included in this blog are experiential snippets from long, sweat-drenched day hikes, late summer fly-fishing trips far up in the higher elevations, sunny drives through the most rural and forgotten regions of the West, and hushed walks through ever-shrinking communities on the edge of wilderness they are so intimately bound to.


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